The wedding of Tim and Jayne  
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Congratulations Mr & Mrs Snowden
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The Story

I was 24, Jayne was 17, the eldest daughter of Nick & Glynis. One Sunday lunchtime Jayne turned up on a first date with a greasy looking boyfriend, as soon as I saw her, I felt a connection. I remember like yesterday her blonde bob, white trousers and blue top & thinking she was a bit of alright! I made Jayne and the greasy weasel a cup of tea, Jayne hardly spoke, there was no need to, we both felt the chemistry as she later told me. However, Jayne was on her first date and I was with my then girlfriend of over two years.
Some eleven years later, on impulse after watching Mamma Mia , and whilst pregnant with McKenzie I took Jayne back to the exact spot where she stood on our first meeting , crept down the driveway, kneeled & asked Jayne to marry me.


Friday 25th June

Lots of love from Tim x
Two special days in a row
- Don't be late!


The Entertainment

The Nightjars

The Event Music Company

Alexandra Lowe


big screen football
We will have a large screen TV on Sunday for any guests wishing to watch the Valencia GP and some fottball match or other that seems popular.